Executive Solutions

Polishing professionals becomes more challenging every day due to the rapid changes in the market and the heterogeneity of the workforce. Despite the challenges, the use of micro-learning and instant feedback solutions for participants makes this role more manageable. Know state of the art in corporate training.


Internal Training

Imagine the scene: several people in a room, some looking at the clock, others on the mobile phone, some going out frequently to the toilet. This scenario is more common than you can imagine. The reality is that most companies have teams composed of various age groups, different generations and with very different needs and desires. How to train them efficiently, motivating, and engaging? Whatever the goal, we know how!

Several companies have already adopted our innovative solutions in their training:

General Mills

Focus exclusively on the strategic alignment for TMT.


Integration of the managers’ group with a focus on generation, interpretation of the use of KPIs.


Organizational awareness training for the national sales team on products and distribution.


Focus on logistics managers to develop sales strategies and service levels.


Recruitment & Selection

To choose the best candidates in a very competitive process can be a challenging task. Using our business simulations, we help companies to measure the candidates’ competencies individually.

Uniprime Credit Co-op.


The objective was to select candidates in the cooperative’s trainee program. Using the LatinBank simulation, candidates were tested to identify different bank customer profiles and challenged to offer the right product for each customer.


In the end, it was possible to identify candidates who had previous knowledge related to banking services. Also, those who were able to decide more quickly with available information.



The onboarding process can occur when the employee enters the company or when starting a new business unit. The aim is to promote the employees’ socialization with the company’s processes, procedures, and organizational culture.



In this process, the bank used the Strategic Industrial simulation to proceed the team’s onboarding in a new strategic area within the bank.


The game covered the large companies’ functional areas, helping managers to understand the market operated by the bank, seeking to align the bank’s values and culture in decisions.


Strategy Generation

The war game is not just about winning or losing. It is about getting the team out of their comfort zone and helping them to get an updated and realistic view of the competitive landscape. This methodology is ideal for generating strategies, market analysis, testing ideas, among others.



The company’s challenge was to generate new strategies for the biopharmaceutical market (biological drugs). The training was conducted with a specialist team from different market areas, seeking a broad view of the generated strategies.


In the end, a list of new strategies for operating, penetrating, and growing in that market were generated. The methodology made it possible to "think outside the box" and produce creative and practical strategic insights.


Employer Branding

Ensuring that your employees understand your company’s vision and values and ensure your brand reputation can be achieved through Employer Branding. The company seeks to create an environment in which people arouse the desire to be part of that group. Its focus is on attracting and retaining talent.



During its annual convention, gamification activity was used to solidify and increase the service level commitment. The company built it as a competitive resource.


Through the game, the company integrates LATAM (Latin America) teams and standardize the brand value among employees. Aspects related to culture and work environment were also discussed as outputs of the process.


Customized Solutions

Is your organization looking to train their sales force? Your franchisees? Does your team that is geographically dispersed? Select trainees? We can develop a game aligned to your needs with an interactive format and mainly, with an efficient evaluation system. These simulations can be specific to certain areas such as recruitment and selection, trade/retail, services, logistics, strategic planning, and others.

Coca Cola Company


The main goal was to develop an on the job training for the salesforce. The project was designed aligned with the “Success Picture” premises. The participants had to decide what products fit better to a different point of sales profiles. The game was designed for a mobile and micro learning module.


We developed a game to train the salesforce rebuilding a scenario with pubs, different points of sales, and contingencies. With real-time feedback, the participants could identify the main mistakes and ineffective decisions related to direct sales. The software provides a ranking with the player’s results filtered by region, manager, teams, and product family.

Are you interested do know how we can transform your company’s training?
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