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The gamification rises in the executive training and educational contexts. Its purpose is focused on solving problems, integrating concepts and creating insights and evaluating students. That's why OGG can help your institution!

Each year the schools, colleges, and universities look for tools to integrate the main business concepts and develop the competencies and abilities for the future professionals. The academic tools developed by OGG facilitate the development of these competencies and work transversally (interdisciplinary) the various concepts / theories.

Suitable for universities, MBAs, Business Schools, undergraduate, technical courses, among others.



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There are many benefits to adopting business games (business simulations) at the academy. Teachers and students are the beneficiaries of the process. To further detail these benefits we list the top ten benefits for teachers and participants.

For Professors

  • Methodological superiority over expositive classes
  • Ability to show and explain various business concepts simultaneously
  • Fully customizable and flexible concerning learning objectives
  • Automated tool and full control of the classes timing
  • Work on interdisciplinarity effectively
  • Helps integrate and practice abstract theoretical concepts
  • It has several reports of analysis and support for the teacher
  • Adaptable for different purposes
  • Stimulates teamwork
  • Low acquisition/implement cost

For participants / students

  • The playfulness of the game makes learning easy
  • There are several competencies in the process
  • "Experience learning" is more effective
  • Systemic understanding of complex concepts (finance, economics, management, etc.)
  • Competition between peers stimulates the learning process
  • Dynamic simulations such as business reality
  • Constant feedback through available reports
  • Union between theory and practice
  • It encourages the analytical thinking and planning
  • Explore the decision-making process throughout the simulation

Highlights of the simulations

Internal Message System

Send messages or emails to participants quickly and easily, directly through the system.

Materials Repository

Access to all supplementary materials provided by OGG directly in the simulator.

Full Support

Throughout the application teachers receive support from OGG to administer the game, this support comprises analysis of the results and system operation.

Artificial Intelligence

Two layers of artificial intelligence create outstanding support reports and control panels for extended analysis.


At each period/round the simulator brings dynamics and actions tips so that the teacher makes the business simulation more dynamic.

Customized Scenerios

The instructor has the autonomy to manage all the variables of the scenario, news, demand, scoring system, etc.

Web-based native

All business games have been web developed and not customized for the web. In this sense, you don't need to install any software for operation.

Automatized Ranking

The automatic companies' score system, facilitates the teacher's work in the measurement of the results achieved by the companies.

Automatized Process

Using pre-defined schedules, the teacher could automate the calculation process of the rounds. Total automation!

Virtual Consulting

Virtual consultants assist students in the initial rounds. With the consultants' help increases the students' learning.

BSC Dashboard

OGG simulations provide a BSC based dashboard (available IND and COMEX only).

Mobile Learning

All simulations run on tablets encouraging mobile learning applications.