Learn by doing...

Our training solutions enable participants to understand what drives the company's profitability and help them develop a shared understanding of the elements that are or could be a competitive resource for the company.

Working with peers, participants learn to apply their experiences with simulators in real-life scenarios. The solutions allow participants to practice the strategy (from design, planning, implementation, and measurement) using information from various sources, financial indicators in a risk-free environment.

By analyzing the results of the decisions made during the simulator periods, participants develop their analytical skills, understanding financial metrics and learning to work with information, while learning how to increase operational efficiency. Companies can achieve more effective results by aligning their employees with strategic business objectives.

Target Audience

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Decision-based simulations are indicated at all levels of the organization, and the learning content can be tailored to the needs of the target audience involved. Depending on the group geographic scope, the e-learning mode optimizes the company's time and investment. The acquired skills are immediately applied and complement the participants' experience and roles.

Tested Methodology

Do you want to innovate in your executive training? Through a consolidated methodology, the executive training with business games carried out by OGG generate the results expected by your company. Our method has five steps that begin with the alignment of the objectives with those responsible for training and ends with the final workshop. Ask for a quote and surprise yourself with the results !!!

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Differentiation Factors

In site or 100% on line

Regardless of where the team is, training can be applied face-to-face or even at a distance with duration flexibility.

Customizing the simulated scenario

You can customize the scenario, the product, the news, the contingencies according to the reality that the company wants to simulate in training.

Strategic Alignment

Decision-making based on strategic planning built by the participants and focused on the profitability drivers.

Complete tools

The simulators have several managerial reports so that the participants can quickly analyze the company's results. It includes a BSC dashboard also.

Flexible workload

You can adjust the simulation time load according to the company's need. Throughout the training, it is sought to awaken "discovery" and "reflection" based on results.

Experienced instructors

The consultants responsible for implementing the training have solid management experience in large companies aligned with the academic experience.

Designed for

Among the various applications of the simulation, some can be highlighted:

  • Managers' training;
  • Strategic Planning Awareness;
  • Preparation for BSC implementation;
  • Future leaders' selection;
  • Candidates and trainees' selection;
  • Knowledge recycling;
  • Customer/franchise's training;
  • Product launch;
  • Process' changes;
  • Among others.

Is your organization looking to train your sales force? Your franchisees? Is your team geographically dispersed? Do you need to strengthen concepts and values of select trainees?

Develop a business game aligned to your goals with an interactive format and especially, with an effective evaluation system.

These simulations may fit specific areas such as recruitment and selection, trade/retail, services, logistics, strategic planning.

Innovate, standardize and explore capillarity in your training!

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