OGG Group

Who we are...

We are a team of multidisciplinary professionals, committed to creating innovative teaching solutions for undergraduate, graduate and executive training courses, in addition to the development of customized simulators. We started in 2005 with the development of our first simulation game. We were pioneers in the development of 100% web simulators in Brazil and the first company to include aspects of strategic management decisions and create a specific simulator of foreign trade (international business). We strive for continuous improvement of our products and constant support to our customers, which has made us a quality reference in the market. We continuously evolve, adding new technologies and functionalities.

What we believe...

Our mission expresses our beliefs: "to assist the development of outstanding professionals, providing innovative business simulations and contributing to the management concepts consolidation and corporate sustainability." We also believe in the learning generated by experience, in fact, in the creation of knowledge and not only in reproduction, enabling reflective practice and critical development.

Where we are going...

  • We look for innovations each year to make our products better;
  • Incorporation of new strategic functionalities;
  • Developing new working methodologies with the simulations;
  • Design of customized (segmented) simulators.


OGG Business Simulations

A company focused on the design and development of simulators and strategic executive training of high impact.

EPRO Assessment

A business management tool with a precise and straightforward methodology that describe people's behavior.

Biblioteca de Indicadores

Community of practice where thousands of management indicators (KPIs) can be shared, divided by industry and area.

KPI Control

Strategic tool for creating and sharing indicators through integrated and graphic dashboards (BSC).