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The Foreign Trade business simulation works with the main factors of the international trade like export, import, drawback operations, exchange, among others. Feel challenged to explore different markets, manage different currencies and cultural aspects.

International Management

International operations are typically a big step for a company. Whether through a simple export or even through direct investments, licensing or overseas transactions, several are the challenges and barriers encountered. The foreign trade business simulation addresses the main difficulties faced by companies in international environments and allows participants to understand essential concepts of worldwide sales and marketing, political, financial cultural aspects and their impact on the profitability of the company.

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Different decisions

You will decide about pricing, taxes, modal & freight, insurance, entry modes, international marketing, strategies and more.

Internal & External Logistics

Aborda de maneira prática e integrada aspectos logísticos e os principais INCOTERMS do mercado.

Floating Exchange

It allows the professor to customize the exchange rate fluctuations in dollars and Euro and inform them through the newspaper.

BSC Dashboard

It's available to participants in addition to management reports, advanced control panels.

Internationalization Strategies

When the simulation starts, it's possible to choose the company's internationalization strategy.

Covered Topics

Customs legislation, documentation, international marketing, insurance, and more.

The simulation

The primary objective of the simulation is engaging you to participate in the organizational scenario's analysis, as well as, in decision-making. It will also bring you closer to an industrial company routine that performs in the international market, providing the opportunity to decide on production, marketing, human resources management and finances areas of this company, besides monitoring the influence of import and export activities on these areas, thus promoting a critical and integrated analysis of organizational practices.

The indication of use:

This simulation is indicated for executive training, extension courses and can also be used in the disciplines of International Business; Foreign Trade or even Strategic Management in undergraduate or graduate classes.

Application Time:

It could be handled in periods of 16 hours up to one semester.


Configurable punctuation system with the criteria's choice that will compose the ranking and assignment of weight for the scores.


  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • English

Available Reports:

The software offers several management reports, similar to the traditional ERPs found in the market. Among them, we highlight Adjusted Income Statement, Cash Flow, KPIs, Balance Sheet, Estimated & Realized Budget, and more.

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