OGG Startup Simulation

About the OGG Startup

The Startup business game is the ideal solution to set up internal tournaments! The simulation presents an updated scenario, consistent with the world market reality. The game is a complete and dynamic solution with fast application time.

Introduction to Micro-enterprise management:

Managing a micro-enterprise requires much more than knowledge, lacks flexibility, agility and especially analysis. Attention to the limited resources and possible cash flow problems could be preponderant factors to achieve success in the simulation. Given the turbulent scenario and uncertainties experienced by micro-enterprises, structuring the management and empowering the virtual managers is paramount for the business.

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Fast application

It has an integrated, easy and intuitive interface. Your applications are guaranteed success.


It encompasses all company's areas: production, finance, marketing, and human resources management.

Large number of participants

It allows to create multiple markets and integrate results through spreadsheets.

Handled Competencies

Teamwork, decision-making; cause and effect critical analysis, among others.

Teams formed up to 3 participants

This simulation can operate with teams of one to three persons

Integrating Concepts

The worked concepts in the simulation allow the participants to analyze the company systemically.

The simulation

Participants will be challenged to operate a micro-enterprise that works in a specific market. Among the several decisions that managers must take various challenges will be experienced such as analyzing the company's financial health, pricing, projections, market analysis, dealing with taxes, and more. To ensure the micro-enterprises competitiveness, you should seek for innovative activities to serve customers, retain employees and improve internal processes. Come and accept this challenge!

The indication of use:

The most common application is the internal business tournaments in conferences, student meetings or even management events. This simulation is also indicated for trainees' selection, extension courses and also applied in specific disciplines, such as entrepreneurship.

Application Time:

It could be handled in periods of 04 hours up to one semester.


Ranking based in market and financial aspects.


  • Portuguese (Brazil)

Available Reports:

The software offers several management reports, similar to the traditional ERPs found in the market. Among them, we highlight Adjusted Income Statement, Cash Flow, KPIs, Balance Sheet, Graphics, and more.

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