OGG IND Simulation


The industrial strategic simulation comprises the management of a large industrial company that operates with different product lines. The simulation allows the student to start the business building the entire company's strategy.

Introduction to the Strategy:

In this simulation, the manager/participant could work the company's main strategic factors. It will be possible to work on opportunities and threats analysis, strategic positioning, implementation, and control strategies. The game also allows the participant to understand the main result drivers commonly found in companies and especially the articulation between the different sectors.

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Four Simulation Areas

It encompasses the areas of production, finance, marketing, and human resources.

Initial Strategic Decision

It allows the selection of a generic strategy for operation and further alignment.

Different levels of complexity

By choosing different scenarios, it is possible to deal with varying levels of complexity.

BSC Dashboard

It's available to participants in addition to management reports, advanced control panels.

Macroeconomic and Microeconomic Impacts

In the customizable platform, it is possible to manage and set up macro and microeconomic events.

Stock Exchange

A stock exchange feature is available to enrichment the other decisions creating a dynamic market interaction.

The simulation

Have you ever imagined yourself being the director of a large company? Play the CEO role is the goal of the OGG Ind business simulation. You will receive "seed capital" and will start a business, conquer the market and monetize the initial capital. You will face several challenges during the simulation, such as market contingencies, strikes, demand variations, among others. The higher strategic alignment, better will be your performance.

The indication of use:

This simulator is indicated for executive training, MBA courses and also last semesters of the Business, Accounting, Economy or Production Engineering courses, or correlates.

Application Time:

It could be handled in periods of 16 hours up to one semester.


Configurable punctuation system with the criteria' choice that will compose the ranking and assignment of weight for the scores.


  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • English

Available Reports:

The software offers several management reports, similar to the traditional ERPs found in the market. Among them, we highlight Adjusted Income Statement, Cash Flow, KPIs, Balance Sheet, Estimated & Realized Budget, and more.

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