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About the LatinBank

The LatinBank game includes the simulation of banking products and services sales generally negotiated by relationship or service managers in the bank' segment. The game allows the participant to identify the banking products and services that are best suited to their client's profile (suitability).

Introduction to Negotiation:

In this simulation, the participant will also be able to understand the main characteristics related to the investment products, loans, and banking services generally negotiated in the individuals' segment agencies. The game also allows the participant to identify, through the profile of the customer, which banking product or service is most appropriate.

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Six financial market areas

It covers investments, credit, foreign exchange, insurance, private pension, and banking services.

Different customer profiles

It allows the proper selection of banking products and services according to the client's profile (investor, borrower or indifferent).

Wide range of applications

The game provides a vast universe of public or private client profiles, as well as freelancers or miscellaneous entrepreneurs.

Feedback Dashboard

The simulation offers to students/participants, in addition to result' reports, control panels with detailed feedback results.

Macroenocomic Impacts

They are already customized in the game, possible macroeconomic measures that could be implemented by the Federal Government, and that will impact for each client profile.


Besides the standardized products and services of the financial market, you can also complement or customize, adding products and services, changing the layout/logo and printing the brand of your financial institution.

The simulation

Have you ever imagined yourself in a bank relationship manager role? You will receive capital (efforts) and will need to identify the client's profile and indicate the appropriate banking products to offer. Your goal is gain points in your agency/sucursal and monetize the received capital (efforts). The participant will face several challenges during the game, such as macroeconomic contingencies, changes in the underlying interest rate, elevation or reduction of non-compliance, stimuli for credit expansion, among others. The higher is the alignment of banking products and services with the customer profile, the better will be your performance!

The indication of use:

This game is designed for developing relationship managers, administrative assistants, analysts and trainees, working in the retail banking sector and credit coops.

Application Time:

It could be coached up 08 hours.


Parameterizable punctuation system with the criteria' choice that will compose the ranking and assignment of weight for the scores.


  • Portuguese (Brazil)

Available Reports:

Several results reports are available at the game. Ideal for HR managers controls the participants' performance and engagement.

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