OGG SME Simulation


The small and medium enterprise simulation allows understanding the main difficulties faced by the entrepreneurs in the business management. The harmonization of humans, capital, informational and productive resources could achieve the small business sustainability.

Introduction to SME's Management:

Managing a small business requires much more than knowledge, depend upon flexibility, agility, and especially analysis. Strategy, limited resources, and much attention to cash flow can be the preponderant factors in being successful in the simulation. The SME game allows participants to engage in recessive scenarios with financial limitations and to understand the sources of competitive advantage and results systemically.

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Different levels of complexity

By choosing different scenarios, it is possible to deal with varying levels of complexity.

Four Simulation Areas

It encompasses the areas of production, finance, marketing, and human resources.

Initial Decision

It allows to choose the regions to explore the target market.

Handled Competencies

Teamwork, decision-making; cause and effect critical analysis, among others.

Macroeconomic and Microeconomic Impacts

In the customizable platform, it is possible to manage and set up macro and microeconomic events.

Integrating Concepts

The concepts worked in the simulation allow the participants to analyze the company systemically.

The simulation

You will play as a company's manager that is already in operation, and your function is to capitalize the company, obtain market share and pursue the business sustainability. Your company already has stocks, working capital, and excellent production capacity. You need to recruit a few more managers and face the challenges commonly experienced by small businesses such as managing scarce working capital, delivery failures, seasonality and variations in demand, employee satisfaction, and more.

The indication of use:

This simulator is indicated for trainees selection, extension courses and also intermediate semesters of Business, Accounting, Economics, Production Engineering or correlates. Also recommended for colleges in different areas of expertise.

Application Time:

It could be handled in periods of 10 hours up to one semester.


Configurable punctuation system with the criteria' choice that will compose the ranking and assignment of weight for the scores.


  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • English

Available Reports:

The software offers several management reports, similar to the traditional ERPs found in the market. Among them, we highlight Adjusted Income Statement, Cash Flow, KPIs, Balance Sheet, Estimated Realized Budget, and more.

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