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The development of business professionals has become more challenging in recent times due to the technologically diverse workforce. Although nowadays, there exist many new types of management training tools and programs that companies may employ in order to develop their executive talent. Business simulations are one such tool, and they are particularly interesting as they may be customized to replicate business challenges typical of a particular industry or sector.


Internal Training

One can easily imagine the challenges of training a diverse group of individuals: …A room full of busy executives, some looking at the clock, others on their mobile phones, still others taking frequent bathroom breaks in order to communicate with colleagues in the office…. This reality is quite understandable given the diverse composition of a typical training group (i.e. varied age groups, different generations, differing needs, desires, etc). How to coalesce this heterogenous group into a synchronized training machine, keeping them engaged, motivated and moving in a unified direction? Whatever your management or training goal, we can help!

Several companies have already adopted OGG simulation solutions as part of their executive training:

Several companies have already adopted our innovative solutions in their training:

General Mills

OGG solution focused on promoting strategic alignment for Top Management Team.


OGG solution dealt with coordination of management groups and the development, understanding and usage of KPIs.


OGG solution for the national sales team promoted overall awareness of the corporate sales mission (e.g. standardized levels of service, KPI’s, etc).


OGG solution conceived for the logistics department and their mission to develop sales strategies and service benchmarks.


Recruitment & Selection

Choosing the best candidate from a large and competitive field can be a daunting task. With our business simulations solutions, hiring managers possess a tool that can assist with measurement of candidate competencies.

Uniprime Credit Co-op.


The objective was to select candidates for the cooperative's trainee program. Using OGG’s LatinBank simulation, candidates were tested to match different bank customer profiles with the optimal banking solution taking into account each profile.


Following the simulation, the co-op. was able to screen candidates who had demonstrated prior knowledge of banking products which helped to streamline the recruitment process.



The onboarding process is about familiarizing a new employee, for example, with the company’s processes, procedures and organizational culture. This helps to orient the new employee and better insure a successful socialization into the new working environment. The same process can be related to having acquired a new business unit or a new customer into an existing organization.



In this case, HSBC was aiming to insure a smooth transition in its onboarding of a new strategic business unit within the bank. Here, OGG recommended its Strategic Industrial simulation to familiarize HSBC executives with what was in store for the bank in its onboarding mission.


The simulation encompassed the major functional areas typical of large corporations, helping managers to better understand the areas in which the bank operated and seeking to align the bank's values and culture in strategic decisions.


Strategy Generation

War Games are not only about winning or losing. They are also about getting teams out of their comfort zones and helping to get them an updated and realistic view of the competitive landscape. This methodology is ideal for preparing executives in how to conceptualize strategic plans, conduct market analysis, test ideas, etc.



The company's challenge was to generate (or stimulate or brainstorm) new strategies for the biopharmaceutical market (biological drugs). The training was conducted with specialist teams coming from different market areas within Novartis in order to generate strategies affording a wide spectrum of application within the company.


Following from the simulation, a range of new strategies for operating, penetrating, and developing greater growth within the biopharmaceutical market were generated. The games methodology stimulated “outside the box” thinking and produced new creative and practical strategic insights.


Employer Branding

Your employees are a key stakeholder (constituency) for your business and brand. Ensuring that they understand your company's vision and values and work to maintain your brand reputation is achieved through Employer Branding. Through effective employer branding, the company seeks to create and maintain an environment in which people can identify and feel good about being part of the group. The idea is to attract and retain the best talent.



During the company’s annual convention, OGG business simulation were used to solidify and increase the staff’s level of service commitment. The company built it as a competitive resource in order to better position itself vis-à-vis the competition.


Through the business game, the company integrated LATAM (Latin America) teams and standardized/harmonized the brand image and value among employees spread across the region. The game included aspects related to culture and varied work environments which affected outputs of the process.


Customized Solutions

Is your organization looking to train its sales force, its franchisees? Is your team geographically dispersed, yet need some training or other headquarter delivered orientation? Are you looking to screen recruits, interns or trainees from within the ranks? OGG can develop an interactive business simulation game aligned to your specific needs that will not only effectively put those responsible for any of the above in control of a similar simulated mission, but it will also provide a basis on which the participants may be evaluated. Our simulations can be customized to very specific missions or areas such as selection and recruitment, trade and retail exchanges, services, logistics, strategic planning, and the like.

Coca-Cola Company


The mission was to develop an on-the-job training program for its salesforce. The project was designed in conjunction with the company’s “Success Picture” campaign. Game participants had to decide which Coca-Cola products fit best with varying customer sales profiles. The game was designed for mobile learning.


The OGG simulation trained salesforce personnel in how to match differing types of customer accounts (e.g. pubs, fast food, grocery stores, etc.) with particular groups of company product (e.g. fountain, bottled product, waters, carbonated drinks, etc.) . The simulation included real-time feedback enabling “player” participants to readily identify discernable mismatches thereby negatively impacting potential direct sales. The game software also provided a ranking with player results filtered by region, manager, team and product family.

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