By using our business game simulations, you can increase student retention by up to 50%! OGG Business Games keep students motivated and engaged while serving as an excellent complement to traditional business education instruction…Ideal for both online and onsite learning.



Our business simulation programs put your executives in the driver’s seat, thereby helping you to groom talent. We do this through gamification – using dynamic and active methodologies that replicate real business challenges and engage your staff.



OGG business simulations energize both the teaching and learning experience, making the quest for knowledge even more enjoyable for all.

The animated and competitive nature of our business simulation products are what distinguishes them from other applications in post-secondary, undergraduate and graduate education. OGG games develop students’ ability to make strategic business decisions and allow them to see firsthand the impact of those decisions, both positive and negative, on the businesses at the core of the simulation.

Further, as student teams rally around the challenges presented them in the games, they hone key soft skills like effective team working and leadership development, etc.

Beyond their critical pedagogic value, our simulations provide an ideal platform on which to build class spirit along with individual confidence levels. That’s why staging a tournament early in the program may help to promote class cohesion. Experience has shown that groups of students coalesce around the game tournaments.


"Games are more effective in evaluating than tests!" Jenifer Groff, MIT, 2019.



The acquired skills are applied in the workplace instantly and complement the participant's work experience.

The use of our Business Simulations, embedded with AI tools and packaged around a realistic business challenge, brings executive training to life! Our games encourage participants to identify and understand the key drivers of business performance.

Our simulations may be integrated into a corporate university program or be deployed as a stand-alone online or mobile learning HR management development module.


"70% of the largest companies use gamification in their skills development actions." Gartner Group, 2019.


About us

We began in 2005 with a clear purpose: To bring innovation and heightened engagement into the worlds of academic and corporate training. Today, our aim is to help reinvent the learning process with the use of gamified tools. We are a multidisciplinary team focused on identifying learning needs aligned with the most current theoretical concepts, and building around them exciting and dynamic learning environments which may be customized as client needs dictate. We can also build completely customized programs from scratch to suit your specific company or institutional needs.

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The OGG Comex simulator assists teachers to approximate the international business management reality to academics and interested in knowing the complexity of decision making inherent to this type of companies. The OGG was able to translate the foreign trade challenges with high competence. The simulation is fully adaptable to the academic reality.
Adriana Diniz, Msc. UEPG
OGG's business simulation tools enable the integration of various theoretical elements with business practice, allowing the student to apply their knowledge in a competitive environment. I also highlight the ability to use the tools developed by the OGG at different levels of education, such as technical courses, bachelors and specializations.
Thiago C. Nascimento, Dr. UTFPR
We had the opportunity to use the OGG Business Simulation training by our D2MG partners, in a BSC executive training course. The simulation was tremendous and engaged the participants, making the learning a straightforward process and facilitating the content' absorption.
Ana Vitoria Garofani BRAFER

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